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Henri Leconte, what do you think about the Laver's Cup?


This is an incredible concept. Roger Federer had the unique idea of ​​creating a kind of Rider Cup tennis. how enthusiastic he is organizing this event in Prague, Chika oh and now here in Geneva. With the creation of three "tournament", Laver Cup shows that tennis can also be played differently. This sport can be more dynamic and much faster than the Grand Slam tournaments. This leads to another vision for world tennis. I find this extremely.

ATP has decided to include the Laver Cup in its calendars. Good decision?

Yes, completely. In the beginning it was more like an exhibition, now it has quickly become an important event on the ATP calendar. But the Laver Cup is completely different from the grands or classic tournaments organized by ATP as it is played in teams.

Like Roger and Rafa – suddenly the biggest rivals come together. It's the beauty that gives this event a whole new dimension. Originally tennis was an individual sport. This is where Laver Cup becomes a team sport. I think this is really fabulous, I would like to play in this era.


On paper, Team Europe in Geneva seems to be the favorite to win. What do you think about the balance of power?

The American-led "team world" consists mainly of "archers". In other words, they are powerful and rather serve willpower specialists, relying on 2-3 strokes to get the point. It will be so quick and interesting. On paper, it is true that there is an imbalance. You have Roger and Rafa on one side, but beware: There are players on the other who can beat them. I hope it will be a real battle. Anyway, in tennis you never know what happens until the last point. We also saw that he was in Wimbledon with Roger.

Federer says he has to be careful, especially for couples. Is Team World in favor of these games?


Is it true that they have players who specialize a little more in pairs, like Jack Sok. However, they do not have a true double team to play together throughout the year. So you also have to adapt. The decisive criterion will also be to be able to recover well from individuals.


Do you think players will give everything and fight like in a Grand Slam tournament?


Of course they will give anything. The atmosphere and atmosphere that players expect will really be something special. However, this will not be like a grand slam tournament because these are individual competitions. But the desire to win, of course, will be present as players defend the colors of Europe or the world. We will see some fabulous and spectacular games.


Finally, a word about the abundance of such team competitions. In addition to the Laver Cup, there is the Davis Cup and the ATP Cup, whose first edition takes place in January 2020 in Australia. Are there not too many similar events?


It is clear that the Laurel Cup overshadows the Davis Cup. But the latter lost his soul by changing its shape – Monsieur Pique made a terrible mistake – and somehow deviated from the ATP. Roger uses this opportunity to establish the Laver Cup on the ATP calendar. When the Davis Cup was still in its original format, the Laurel Cup was nothing more than an exhibition.

As for the ATP bowl, this is different. First, he replaces the Hopman Cup. Then the tournament takes place at the beginning of the year in Australia, where players go anyway for the Australian Open. Therefore there are no issues. 



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Role reversal in the invitation doubles as the umpire shows off his on-court skills - and Henri Leconte has a go in the chair.

Henri Leconte hit the courts with partner Patrick McEnroe on Tuesday at Wimbledon for senior invitation doubles. These exhibition matches are never as serious as the WTA and ATP contests, but things got a little crazy  when Leconte traded places with the umpire. 

Leconte and McEnroe would lose to Jacco Eltingh and Paul Haarhuis 6-3, 7-5, but Leconte provided lots of laughs and won the hearts of the No. 3 court crowd. 






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After Benoît Paire, Gael Monfils was eliminated Monday in the round of 16 at Roland Garros, beaten in three sets by Dominic Thiem. There are no French Players in the Quarter Final.




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Is it true that you never left really the “stage” as you have several careers e.g. professional tennis player, Eurosport commentator, padel ambassador etc. ?

Yes and no. I am always active in sports, tennis and events. You know I am passionate and I like to work and share my experience.  It's very important for me to be able to share my knowledge and to entertain people.  


You have a special place in the heart of the French. You have got that special place as a reward for all your titles, great matches and entertainment. Is this true?

Yes I am popular. I have a special relationship with the public. They love me orthey  do not love me. I always leave the court with a special impression,  It's my character, which is also my strength.      


You have also decided to use your career to share your experiences with regards to several areas: . How to handle stress, victory and failure ... What would be the most important lesson, the most important and easy to follow advice?

It is for this purpose that I created HLandCo: my high-level sports career brought me so much and allowed me to forge a competitive mind during all these years, always surpassing myself, that today my greatest wish is to retransmit my experience and to provide the desiring person with the keys that I have been able to access and that we all have in us to succeed our life in all the fields that we wish: professional career or private life.


You have been at La Wantzenau on the 10th and 11th of April and you talked about coaching and advice. Do you have a more particular relationship to Alsace?

Alsace is a fantastic region, a very beautiful place that I like very much. We eat well, people are very friendly. I always have a lot of fun coming to your area.


The clay season begins soon. I have to ask you a question about the French chances at Roland Garros ... you are the last French finalist, and it goes back to ... more than 30 years now.  We have the feeling that the French tennis is difficult...

As every year we hope to see a French go far in the tournament, reach the last four, the final, win ... We had good results earlier this year with Lucas Pouille and Gael Monfils (which unfortunately got hurt. he had a very good start). For the moment it's too early to predict it ...


A last word on the "new" Davis Cup: How do you see it ?

We can not say anything yet. It's a new concept. Let's give the product a chance and we'll talk about it again at the end of November! But for sure, I miss the Davis Cup that I always played and won. The magic will never be the same again.


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After Delray Beach Open that took place in February 2019, the organizers have scheduled the second stop of the ATP Champions Tour for June 13-15 2019 at Gleneagles Hotel in Auchterarder, Scotland.

Mark Philippoussis and Greg Rusedski won the previous two editions in 2017 and 2018 and there will be a new champion, with Juan Carlos Ferrero, Tim Henman, Henri Leconte and Thomas Enqvist fighting for the title.

Colin Fleming will defend the colors of Scotland at the Brodies Invitational, together with some promising youngsters who will join the legends on the court.

Juan Carlos Ferrero is a former world no. 1 and the winner of 16 ATP titles, including Roland Garros in 2003 and four Masters 1000 crowns.

Tim Henman was ranked 4th in 2002, advancing into four Wimbledon semi-finals and conquering 11 ATP titles from 28 finals. As the majority of the Scandinavians,

Thomas Enqvist was an excellent indoor player, taking 11 ATP titles under the roof (Paris, Stuttgart, Stockholm among the others) and also Cincinnati 19 years ago.

Ranked in the top-5 back in 1986, Henri Leconte is a proud owner of nine ATP titles and he is one of the biggest entertainers on the court, always making sure to play some fantastic shots and keep the crowd on the edge of their seats.

"The Brodies Invitational is one of the ATP Champions Tour events that I most look forward to. We get such great support in Scotland and the event continues to attract a world-class line-up of players. A real highlight for all the players is the opportunity to take to the court alongside some of Scotland's most promising junior talent.

It's essential to give the rising sports stars a platform like the Brodies Invitational to get a feel for what it is like to play on the big courts at major events," said Henman.



Henri Leconte is confident that good times will come again for Roger Federer. Leconte has a good relationship with the Swiss player. In January 2019 they attended together an event held by Credit Suisse in Melbourne. Henri interviewed Roger many many times. He is the James Bond for me', said Leconte.

'He is unique, able to constantly adapt his game. He even plays ping pong, if necessary. And against younger players like Tsitsipas he needs to change the tactic and strategy again.
Winning two sets is easy for Roger, five sets turns more complicated. He will have to play even more aggressively and he will try to do it. ' Will Federer be willing to change his game again? 'Yes of course. You cannot imagine how much work it takes to be at the same level as Roger at that age", admitted Leconte. The Frenchman also reflected on Federer's decision to play the French Open 2019: "It will be hard for Roger as well. From the other side, it could help him to become even stronger. If you are good on clay, you play better on other surfaces.

I never get worried about James Bond. He always finds a solution to kill."




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