Henri Leconte NYC & US Open

The Audience


Another day at Flushing Meadows. Same procedure in the morning. A cup of coffee, fitness room and then heading to the stadium.


By the way, the match between Gael Monfils and John Isner ended at midnight local time. Gael was defeated in 4 sets.


Today, a subject that fascinates me ... The incredible crowd at Flushing Meadows. The audience is so different from any other Grand Slam tournament. A crazy, very enthusiastic audience. I love and hate them at the same time.


I'll tell you why ... At the U.S. Open in 1987 I’ve played against Jimmy Connors. We were on centre court. It’s very quiet. I’ve felt enormous pressure and of course the fear to fail, but above all was this applause and enthusiasm for Connors, as ever ... 


The player announcement was just crazy. When Connors hit the ball I thought the stands would collapse because of all the shouting and cheering. The first few minutes have been terrible, my legs were shaking. But after a quarter of an hour and a few rallies it was okay. When Connors made a point it was just pure madness, we thought we’re at the Super Bowl! Connors had some problems to communicate with the audience. He was the gladiator and sometimes did very obscene gestures. Well, Jimmy Connors at the U.S. Open. It still is extremely motivating to me that I was there.


The U.S. Open crowd is a very open minded one, they love the big show, charismatic characters and the battles on the court.


No other Grand Slam is like the U.S. Open. Another memory: during the night sessions there is always a guy who freaks out completely. He is dancing on the gallery, get’s undressed and sings! I love Flushing Meadows!


See you 




Henri Leconte NYC & US Open

Torture chamber


Like every morning since I arrived in New York I 'm up very early because of the jet lag. To bridge the time, but to also stay in shape, I decided to go to the gym .


It reminds me very much of my previous work-out days with a lot of suffering , but also with much joy. I've always trained hard to become stronger and faster, but also for rehabilitation after injuries I was forced to train hard. To strengthen my back after surgery I was training every day, for months. I suffered tremendously and thought it would be over. But I never gave up! 


And now I'm back to work out in this training room to get fit and to be even in better shape. I do that to not to look like a sick elephant on antibiotics. Patrice Hagelauer, coach of the French Davis Cup team said that to me in 1991  when I was too slow and immobile on the tennis court. You have to suffer to get to the top and still suffer a lot more to stay there!


So if I want to stay fit and want to have fun on the Legends and Champions Tour with my friends, I just have to go to the gym - in the torture chamber. It is difficult, but i have to do it.


To my surprise, I met this morning at the gym my friend Sam Sumyk , the French coach of tennis player Victoria Azarenka , No. 2 in the WTA world rankings. His name may seem strange ,he is French and British. I like him.


I started my practice and after 30 minutes of treadmill at a speed of 5.5 km/ h uphill (2% ), I increased the slope per minute by 1% to 14% . I can tell you it is very exhausting and I was sweating training and talking with Sam about the games. Then came I did exercises for my back , with stronger weights to become strengthen the back. It works!


Finally, under the shower in my room. Now, I write this for you on my iPad and you know what - I feel much better and stronger when i drive now to Flushing Meadows to prepare my Eurosport Show , Avantage Leconte ' with the entire team Torture chamber rules!

Henri Leconte NYC & US Open



Today is a "special" day, it's raining! Disrupts the entire process: all players, TV and of course the audience are concerned. The players waiting in the dressing rooms, the player restaurant or in the treatment rooms.


The U.S. Open differ from other tournaments, the tournament is much larger than, for example, Roland Garros. Everyone is looking for a place under an umbrella or roof, the police monitores every movement as is is very crowded.


For the players, rain is very annoying, they need to stay focused and not lose too much energy and tension. One must always be ready to play again, in five minutes, three hours or sometimes even the next day. For me as a presenter / consultant the rain is not "easy", because everything is postponed for an indefinite period. The tournament committee changed all game schedules, of course, with consequences for my euro sports show.


You spend the time between tournament offices, press room and you seek a covered place, for example, to do the interview with Marion Bartoli. Luckily we found a place and managed to film the the discussion of "the roof of the Arthur Ashe Center Court" between two storms within thirty minutes.


But the day was not yet over: up to check the last games of the day and another briefing with euro sports consultant Bertrand billion. We were finished early morning and I came back to my hotel in Manhatten just before the rush hour started.


All super stressful, but also very beautiful. I'm still alive, although almost starving ... order room service and then to bed.


See you tomorrow!

Henri Leconte NYC & US Open

The rides from the hotel to the stadium

Long rides. You have much time to think, you think of everything and nothing.

For me it's always a true moment of relaxation, here at the U.S. Open. The transfer takes about an hour from the hotel and the trip to Flushing Meadows offers a great opportunity to relax and to regenerate. The car or bus " weighs me like a baby ." This feeling has always been there at the very beginning in the first round or at the Davis Cup final .

I possess the ability to recover in no time. 10-20 minute power sleep normally is enough for me. However, this is not always the case. I remember my final of Roland Garros 1988. This fear of ruining everything ...

This morning I spoke with Michael Llodra about the stadium of Roland Garros and its planned expansion. All players are very curious about it and hope that it stays this magical place. I look out the car window and think about the last few years here in New York.

So many memories ... I especially think of one year a long time ago, when I came out of the Park Meridien hotel to drive to Flushing Meadows by bus. I waited for the bus, a man stops in front of me , gets out of his limousine and looks at me. I say " hello" to him, he comes to me and asks me if I need a driver in New York. I answered yes and no! Of course there are worlds between the bus and a limousine, much more luxury and very comfortable ! I talked to him and he said : "I love tennis and if you give me the opportunity to see the U.S. Open live , then I do you a great deal. " At that moment, a dream came true : New York in my own limousine! I gave him a pass for the whole fortnight of the tournament, he gave me the best deal. Suddenly, I had quite a lot of new friends and everyone wanted to come with me to Flushing . His name was Eduardo , it was fantastic, I will never forget , thank you for this!